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what's the "so what?" of our assisted access robotic technology?

current options for accessing objects at above-head-heights are unsafe, ineffective, and unaffordable for many.

most current robotic furniture and assisted access technology only moves in a single direction.

our robotic technology first moves outward to clear any objects directly beneath it, then moves at a downward angle to avoid nearby objects on the ceiling, then lowers as much as three feet to bring all contents to within arm's reach.

our robotic technology removes the complexity, cost, and ineffectiveness of all other assisted access products.

because of its adaptable design, our patent pending robotic technology can be used make many types of fully accessible products for a variety of use cases.
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our products remove a vertical limitation that has for too long been a barrier for people with physical disabilities.

we're evolving the conventional wall cabinet into a fully accessible, connected, and affordable appliance.
wearable health sensors are sometimes bulky, expensive, and difficult to deploy.

studies have shown that people have difficulty with charging the devices and remembering to wear them daily, while others refuse to wear them at all.

Instead accessible wall storage products installed throughout a home will create an ecosystem of intelligent endpoints to monitor for events using sensors that are unseen and require no user action.


detect and report falls


alternate method to contact first responders


integrated sensors for security systems


unauthorized cabinet access alerts


we believe the innovative potential of existing products has been overlooked, and that there are unrealized solutions to pervasive problems facing people and society


in all aspects of our business interactions, communication and operation, we will hold true to the values of integrity, respect, and transparency


we develop intellectual property for solutions which we monetize through licensing agreements, through white label agreements, and through the sale of our own branded products


to ethically and responsibly create and deliver compelling products that instill an exceptional brand image, enhances the lives of our customers, and provides a positive experience for employees and partners

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